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    Arkananta Indonesia, PT used to be called the Arkindo, PT. We are one of the commercial diving, marine salvage & anode / cathodic protection supplier company located in Surabaya, Indonesia & we provide our clients with safe and inexpensive services especially in marine & offshore.

    PT. Arkindo will be complete your project anywhere and anytime (24/7). We do the project with a competent team, efficient management, and proffesional staffs. We promise that project undertaken by our company will be safe, correct, and efficient.

    Our Vision
    We have built a reputation of providing general underwater work and marine services to our client with safe, qualified, on schedule and of course rational budget.
    Our Mission
    We will accomplished customer satisfaction by anticipating their needs through certified, competent, reliable employes and we want to be one of the leading company at Indonesia and Asia in general as a proudly provider of commercial diving services.
    Our Goals
    We will provide safety working, on time service, superior customer relations and quality result at competitive prices.
    Our Commitment
    PT. Arkindo consider that integrity will be an important value underlies all parties the company relationship, especially it’s client. We believe that no more important issue than lawful and ethical conduct of employee in relationship with client, government officials and business partners.
    Our Promise
    PT. Arkindo we believe that every client expect fast quality service. The business ethics and relationships are our commitments to reach a good quality service.
    Our Value
    We respond to your needs without delay, We value your time and We provide quality service.
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