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  • Ship Services & Cathodic Protection

    Ship Services Maintenance & Inspection

    Arkindo, PT  performs in-water surveys and offers inspection services, including underwater inspection in lieu of dry docking (UWILD), on a majority of shipping vessels entering Indonesian waters. Inspections will often require Arkindo, PT to carry out underwater CCTV video/photography services and Non Destructive Testing.

    For maintenance Arkindo, PT provides In-water hull Cleaning, propeller polishing to Rupert Scale A, cleaning of sea suction grates, ship side valve openings and transducers/transponders.

    Ship maintenance & repairs services include but not limited to:

    In-water Surveys and Inspection : UWILD, CCTV Video Inspection & Still Photography

    Maintenance : In-water Hull, Transducers/Transponders & Cavitation Cleaning, Propeller Polishing, Cleaning Sea Suction Grates

    Corrosion Inspection and Protection : Non Destructive Testing (NDT) & Underwater Epoxy

    Subsea Welding : MMA Wet Welding, Hull Repairs, Sea Walls, Subsea Cutting& Burning

    Hydraulic Tools : Cutting, Drilling, Grinding & Chainsaw

    Cathodic Protection

    To completed inquiries of marine services we also provide cathodic protection or sacrificial anode (aluminium & zinc) that equiped chemical composition certificated from independent  laboratory to ensure strict compliance to worldwide anode standards.

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